Robot Stand-in Mimics Movements in VR: A New Era of Remote Collaboration


A new robot created by researchers at Cornell and Brown Universities can replicate a user’s movements in real-time virtual reality (VR). The VRoxy robot is intended to enable remote users to work together in a physical environment, even if they are restricted to a small area like an office.

VRoxy comes with a robotic pointer finger, a monitor that shows the user’s face, and a 360-degree camera. Moreover, it has omnidirectional wheels that let it freely navigate its surroundings.

A user only needs to put on a VR headset and enter the remote environment to use VRoxy. After that, VRoxy will automatically mimic the user’s gestures, body language, and head movements. As if they were physically present, the user can now interact with both the remote environment and other users in the space.

There are numerous possible uses for VRoxy. It might be applied, for instance, to enable remote employees to cooperate with coworkers in a common workspace. Additionally, it could be used to enable online field trips and remote learning for students.

Here are some of the potential benefits of using VRoxy:

1-Enhanced cooperation: By enabling more natural interactions between remote workers and their physical surroundings, VRoxy can help to enhance cooperation amongst them.

2-Decreased travel expenses: By enabling remote collaboration among staff members, VRoxy can assist companies and organizations in cutting down on travel expenses.

3-Better educational access: For students who are unable to attend regular classes, VRoxy can assist in facilitating better educational access.

4-Novel and inventive uses: VRoxy can be employed to develop novel and inventive uses in a range of industries, including manufacturing, entertainment, and healthcare.

VRoxy has the potential to completely change the way we work, learn, and engage with the world around us, even though it is still in the early stages of development.

Here are some examples of how VRoxy could be used in the real world:

1-With VRoxy, a remote employee can participate in a meeting in a shared workspace and communicate with coworkers just like they would in person.

2-With VRoxy, a student can join a distance learning session and engage in interactive learning with their peers.

3-VRoxy allows a physician to assess and treat a patient from a distance.

4-VRoxy could be used by a manufacturer to remotely examine a production line and find any issues.

5-With VRoxy, a performer can create and deliver immersive virtual experiences for global audiences.

VRoxy is a novel and intriguing technology that has the capacity to transform our lifestyles and occupations. Though it’s early, the opportunities are enormous.

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