G7 to agree AI code of conduct for companies: A step towards responsible AI development

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The industrialized nations that make up the Group of Seven (G7) are about to decide on a code of conduct for businesses that are creating sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) systems. In the global endeavor to guarantee that AI is developed and used responsibly, this is a historic development. Although the code of conduct is optional, … Read more

Robot Stand-in Mimics Movements in VR: A New Era of Remote Collaboration

robot mimic

Introduction A new robot created by researchers at Cornell and Brown Universities can replicate a user’s movements in real-time virtual reality (VR). The VRoxy robot is intended to enable remote users to work together in a physical environment, even if they are restricted to a small area like an office. VRoxy comes with a robotic … Read more

1-The Rise of Character AI: Bringing Life to Virtual Worlds

character ai

Introduction:Character AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, has become a significant driving force behind immersive virtual experiences. This technology enables the creation of lifelike and believable characters in video games, simulations, and other digital platforms. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of character AI and how it is revolutionizing the way we … Read more